Bob Reuter was the quintessential St. Louis artist. He worked in multiple mediums to take the horror and ugliness of reality and turn it into creative pieces of beauty to share with the world. He put his heart and soul into his music, writings, photography, drawings, and his weekly vinyl only radio show (“Bob’s Scratchy Records” on KDHX).

On Saturday, August 3rd, 2013, Bob Reuter fell down an elevator shaft and died on impact. He was 61 years old, but he lived with the spirit of youth. He was still writing, still making music, still exerting his total energy into entertaining radio listeners. His death is a tragedy. He still had work to do.

The Cowboy Angel Foundation was formed to honor Bob and to continue the spirit of his work. He believed in the strength of art to overcome hardship. Struggle was part of his creative process. Just as Bob would take a state of turmoil and turn it into a scorching rock & roll song, or a grainy black & white photo, or a possessed rant over a scratchy 45 of “Harlem Shuffle” on the radio, we have vowed to turn the tragedy of Bob’s death into an opportunity to help art flourish within our community.

The purpose of the Cowboy Angel Foundation is two-fold:

1) To preserve and give exposure to the music, writing, and photography of Bob Reuter.

2) To aid struggling and disadvantaged artists by helping them find the resources to be self-sufficient in their art.

When Bob wrote his will, he expressed a desire to see money from his work help aid people who were in the same position that he often found himself. This was all his idea.

It will take a lot of money to achieve the goals that have been laid out. We appreciate your donations and support.

Thank you to everybody who helped Bob throughout his life. Let’s not stop now. Let’s fill the world with beauty.

We have love, we have each other, and we have art. But we only have a short time on this planet.

We love you, Bob, and you are missed.

– Chris Baricevic

If you would like to know more, or get involved, please contact [email protected].